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Thedocia May: Urban Junglist in the Land of Second Order Desires

Evolution has lead us to the point where we stand now: disenfranchised and compartemantalized into binary factions; meaningless contingencies of an unnessecary adaption. Our contrivancies and contraints are not only what allowed  the city states to grow and industrialize oh so long ago but what burgeined the commercial society. As our desires turn to technoolgy and gadgits, sometimes we forget what our true desires are, and how to go about appeasing those inquiries. Fast and faster, the landscape around us changes according the the markets needs, but then the market no longer looks to the consumer for assistance, but the market itself. The consumer has thus left behind in a pile of broken pagers, racing through the day in order to continure buying and selling goods for life; no time to stop and notice how our psychogeogrpahy is being affected. However, in the 21st century, reminece of the years of analog still remain below heaps of discontinued digital upgrades. The battle continures but what is at stake is the species as a whole: can we move past our constraints? Therefore,  I thought id'e go ahead and see if i could try, and whether or not this psychograography could be represented through a visually ethnographic lense; as though I could look at it any other way...

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