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Utilitarian Art

William Morris would say that," nothing useless can ever truly be beautiful." Before this philosophy came about during the 18th century, we did not have things like wall paper, or  pretty vases adorning our soda pop. Things were just things, and beautiful things were a different species all together. Fine wares, embroidery,printed pictures, glazed pottery, hand blown glass, etc... were all considered items of luxury; not at the grasp of the population short of the High Society from which such things were made, and the academy that controlled their heirarchy. IT took over 200 years of philosphers, poets, and artists arguing about beauty before the thought even crossed anyones mind that luxurious items could be available to more than just the kings and queens of depravity. In the end, the perfectability of mankind was held in the aesethic eyes of the public, and our civic duty lays in the 

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